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I have tried diligently to not post angry political comments on this blog.  But, enough is enough!   I cannot look the other way, any longer.  Today’s Supreme Court ruling landed once again on the side of the pro-choice, or pro-abortion people.   The left  can’t help but use coy euphemisms when describing key issues related to their platform.   Pro-choice isn’t a great moniker, but at least that euphemism makes more sense than the phrase, protecting women’s health care…  I wish the good Justice Scalia still sat on the bench…  Though, I bet the vote today would have still gone in favor for the Culture of Death, 5 to 4.




The Democratic nominee for President tweeted this lovely note upon hearing the news….

SCOTUS’s decision is a victory for women in Texas and across America. Safe abortion should be a right—not just on paper, but in reality. -H


How can someone who has given birth to a child be so unashamed and cold to the unborn?  I know there exist numerous issues we all have to deal with in this country.  For some the economy matters most or immigration.  There also exists a lot of grey areas with some of these issues.   But, not abortion.  That issue can only be black and white.  Either you are for saving the life of the unborn, or you are in favor of ending that life.   At least one life ends with every abortion that is preformed.  And half of those unborn children are female… Now, how can that be good for women’s healthcare?






Reflect on this thought for a moment… Our Lord, during his first trimester of life, inside the womb of our Blessed Mother Mary, was recognized by an unborn child!   St. John the Baptist, in Elizabeth’s womb during his third trimester of life, recognized our Lord and leaped for joy at His Presence   Much in the same manner as King David danced in the hills of Judea before the ark, the Presence of the Lord.  ( Second Samuel 6:14)





As a physician, I can’t help but be ashamed of my profession.   Politicians, and doctors as well, believe they have the right to play God and decide when life begins.  God has made it crystal clear that life begins at conception.  No one can change that fact or dispute it.




We need to fight this.  Not with violence, but with love.  We need to pray for the unborn.  Just as we need to pray for those elected officials and physicians that believe they can play God and decide when to end a life.  We need to pray diligently that these people get voted out of office and lose their power.  We should also pray that God will soften their hearts and they will ultimately do the right thing.

First we ourselves need to be right with God.  So, Confession of sins should be first on the list for most of us.  I know it is for me.    Then, we need to get into Mass and give thanks.  We can talk to God by praying, and He can talk back to us through the scriptures.  We need to stand up for our religious rights in this country.  We  can turn the other cheek, but that doesn’t mean we let the enemy trample us.  We stand together, vote accordingly, defend our families, and do our best to love our enemies.


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St. Michael The Archangel, Defend Us!

St. John the Baptist, Pray for us!


Ave Maria!


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