Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble…



Oh Lord, it’s hard to humble, When your perfect in every way

I can’t wait to look in the mirror, I get better lookin’ each day…


Maybe it has been hard for America to be humble?  But the time is now for America to recover that great virtue..  For the last few years, like many others, I have sincerely been worrying about my country.  And with this crazy election year, we have sound reasons to be concerned!   We all need to vote, but we all need to first put our trust in Christ.  He’s the one really in charge anyhow.  America has never had a national religion so to speak.  But, there can be no doubt that Christian principles guided the founding of our nation.  For me to write that America needs to return to those Christian principles would be the understatement of the year!   That would be like Hillary Clinton holding a press conference and admitting to making a few mistakes with her computer…  The wording doesn’t have to be complicated.  The right words were written long, long, ago.

if my people who are called by my name humble themselves,  and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7 :14


The other day, feeling depressed because I just watched the morning news, while waiting for my first patient I decided to surf the net and find some inspiration.  Well, I somehow stumbled upon that verse in 2 Chronicles.  I have seen it and heard it hundreds of times before, but it jumped out at me last week.   Think how great America could be if we all came together in Christ and humbled ourselves before Him…  He would forgive our sins and heal our land!  I know everyone wouldn’t go along with this, but if the majority of us did, America would once again be that shining city on a hill…   Though, this would only come about through the Grace of our Lord, not by some politician.




Ronald Reagan had his wife Nancy hold his Mother’s bible open to 2 Chronicles 7:14, while he placed his right hand upon that scripture to take the oath of office.  A very simple, humble gesture.  Ironically, about to become the leader of the free world.  Please don’t get me wrong here…This post is not meant to build up President  Reagan, the GOP, or Trump.  Our country as a whole needs to get back to the basic simple truth that God is in charge!  We must repent and humble ourselves before Him,  Surrendering to His will completely.


We Christians can sure do a lot of praying that this change will ultimately take place.  We can look to the Sacraments for all the Grace we need.  With regular attendance at both Confession and Mass we will be on the right track.  We Catholics are fortunate to have the magisterium and authority when interpreting the Word of God.  Our first Pope, St. Peter, clearly lets us know what we need to do to humble ourselves, why we need to do it, and our rewards if we do it!


Likewise you that are younger be subject to the elders. Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that in due time he may exalt you. Cast all your anxieties on him, for he cares about you. Be sober, be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking some one to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experience of suffering is required of your brotherhood throughout the world. 10 And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, establish, and strengthen[c] you. 11 To him be the dominion for ever and ever. Amen.    1 Peter 5:5-11


Those words ring very true and could help us all if we practice them outright…  God seems to provide us all with great examples of what it means to be humble, and how we should live.   We have numerous Saints that can pray for us, and we have their examples.  Our recent Popes have all been different in their own way, but humility seems to be at the forefront of all their messages.




Albino Luciani, chose the one word motto pictured above when St. John XXIII made him the Bishop of Vittorio Veneto.  In his first address to his diocese with great humility he stated, “I would like to be a bishop who is a teacher and a servant”.  Albino later would become Pope John Paul I.

We all need more humility… John Paul I lived life humbly, and proved to be a great example.  However, his reign as Pope only lasted 33 days.  The world never really got a good chance to know him.   Fortunately, we have his writings, speeches, and biographies that highlight the simple humility of the 263rd Supreme Pontiff.  For example, in his first general audience,  September 6th 1978, he stated,

To be good, however, it is necessary to be in place before God, before our neighbor and before ourselves. Before God, the right position is that of Abraham, who said:

“I am only dust and ashes before you, O Lord!” We must feel small before God. When I say, “Lord I believe” I am not ashamed to feel like a child before his mother; one believes in one’s mother; I believe in the Lord, in what he has revealed to me.


John Paul I often reflected on becoming a bishop.  Through his words one can easily see his humbleness as he surrendered completely to the will of God…


Just appointed Bishop, I thought that God was using an old system, even with me: to write certain things not on bronze or marble, but right in the dust, so that if the writing remains intact, undisrupted or dispersed by the wind, it is clear that the credit is completely God’s alone




For help, we can all pray the Litany of Humility…  It was composed by  Cardinal Rafael Merry del Val, Secretary of State under Pope St. Pius X.   Here is a great link and blog post about the Litany of Humility…




Rafael Cardinal Merry del Val


Ave Maria!









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