About me

I have accepted the fact that I am middle aged, bald, and sometimes a big dumb ox.  But I am content with that…   I have a great loving wife and I live in country that I dearly love.   God has blessed us with that opportunity.

I am devoutly Catholic.  When I write about the Church or share the Gospel, I will do my best to present things in a humble and charitable way.   But, they are just my opinions.  For matters regarding the doctrine and dogmas of the Church, I must refer to the Magisterium.   In regards to medical and social issues, as a board certified family practice physician, I can speak with some authority.  But I will do my best to do so with humility and love

I play guitar, banjo, and a little fiddle.   I love Hillbilly music, and shooting flint lock rifles.  I also like to cut firewood and cut hay in my free time.  My wife and I are building an off the grid homestead in Nevada.  We hope to be settled out there in the next year or two…