About this site


Ever since I became a Catholic Christian in 2013, I have wanted to shout from the rooftops about the joy and inner peace I feel when I attend Mass.  Converting to Catholicism was the greatest thing I have ever done.  Simply put, I want to share the Gospel of Christ through this site.  I do this with great humility, as I am just a common sinner.  However, by doing this blog, I will have to practice what I preach.   That isn’t easy, but I will give this my best.  Hopefully, the writing will appeal or make a difference to someone in a positive way.   Yes, this will be yet another Catholic oriented blog.  Nevertheless, I pray that my words will help bring  unity among all Christians.  Enough division exists among Protestants and Catholics.  We need to face our common enemy as one force, and do so with faith, hope and love for one another, as our Lord told us to.

This last September, a large brick of bitter irony hit me on top of my bald head as I was sitting in the office staring at my computer screen.  This particular week, our country was officially celebrating National Suicide Awareness.  However, this same week, the California State Legislature passed the bill to make assisted suicide legal in California!  Our governor approved it.   After this metaphorical brick bounced off of my skull, I realized that I had to do something in response.  As a physician, I am ashamed of some of the things that my profession does for money.   Just try to watch one of the Planned Parenthood videos for disgusting  proof.  The most vulnerable human beings in our country- the unborn, the elderly, the terminally ill, and the disabled can now be eliminated for convenience and also for a profit.   I need to be a voice that is counter to where our society is heading.  My conscience will no longer accept that just not participating in evil medical practices clears me of blame.  I have to be vocal and do what I can to stop it.  I know that this voice needs to sound off loudly at times.   But never sound off without humility or without charity.

The first two paragraphs are the major reasons I decided to give this blog a try.   I hope to add my own brand of humor to everything as well as other interesting topics.  From off the grid homesteading, to “What in the world has happened to real country music?”.   May God bless everyone and please keep me in your prayers.